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Does Anybody Know?

Sitting in an area designated for relatives, I was near the front of the ornately decorated Catholic church.  (You'll have to excuse me, but I'm not very good about describing areas of a church by their proper labels.)  The altar and crucifix were to my left, along with the bride and groom being married, but what really caught my attention was an elaborately painted archway to the right of me.  There, right in front of me painted in very unmistakeable symbols were the astrological signs of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio (and only those!) in association with the 4 disciples of Saints Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John! 

Once the ceremony was finished, I went over to the archway to get a better view.  There were no written words, and nothing indicated  why these association were designated as such.  It fascinated that somewhere during the course of Catholicism, that someone had correlated those 4 disciples with those 4 astrological signs.  Now, remember, there are 12 disciples and 12 astrological signs.  Not being raised as a Catholic, I was curious to know if all Catholic churches had such symbols within them.  I even asked people who had been going to this church their whole lives - they had not idea.  One person did indicate that he had never seen such a correlation in any other Catholic church he had ever been to.  When the wedding ceremony was over and everyone was finally clearing out, I even inquired to the priest if he had any knowledge about the meanings of the symbols.  He was rather young, and admitted ignorance about the subject.  It did intrigue me that none of these people - even the priest - had no curiosity about exploring the subject. is what I know.  As I mentioned, each of the 12 disciples is, in fact, associated with a particular sign of the Zodiac.  From this, we can surmise that Jesus the Christ purposefully selected these men because they represented a particular sign of the Zodiac. For instance, have you ever considered the prominence of the sign of the fish - Pisces - in the Christian faith?   Now, the 4 signs associated with the 4 New Testament writers are known as Fixed Signs.  And, if you've read the Book of Revelations in the Bible, then you know that 4 Fixed Signs are mentioned in there!  A rather negative expression of these 4 signs appears to correlate with the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse!  Hmmm.  How ominous!  Other astrological authors have also mentioned these associations, and because the Fixed Signs are displayed, it is their observation that rigid, inflexible nature of the Fixed Signs would indicate a rather tough, hazardous End Times. And, indeed, in going through this portion of the 21st Century, I find it interesting how many 'believers' consider this to be the time before the coming of Armageddon!  Please think about this...if the Fixed Signs are considered as inflexible, stubborn, and rigid, just think how this relates to the social problems we are now witnessing.  It is exactly because nations, leaders, and the people in power are inflexible, stubborn, and rigid.  

When we further consider the Precession of the Equinox, we see how the Age of Pisces is coming to an end before the arrival of the Age of Aquarius.  I've often been very bewildered that only astrologers seem to understand this connection of the Age of Pisces to the presence of Jesus the Christ within the past 2000 years.  (Actually, it figures out to 2,160 years X 12 = 26,000 years, which is one precession of the equinotical Zodiac.)  In traditional astrology, Pisces is related to the Last/12th House of the Zodiac -  the House of Problems, Trouble, and Karma. It is highly symbolic of Pisces that we as a race must release ourselves from our attachments to the past, whether they are cultural, social, or personal.  

This mystery gets even deeper.  Before the disciples met Jesus at the Last Supper, they inquired how they were to know where to meet him.  Jesus reply was "follow the water bearer". (I'm willing to bet that the water bearer was an angel assisting in leading the disciples to Christ.)   Again, except for other astrologers, I have yet (after 33 years) to meet anyone else who recognizes The Water Bearer as the sign of Aquarius!  Even a lot of so-called New Agers erroneously think of Aquarius as a Water sign because it is considered a 'water bearer'.  In actuality, the Aquarian sign of the Water Bearer represents the "DOWNPOURING OF COSMIC ENERGY"!  Cosmic Energy comes in many forms: electro-magnetic radiation, gamma rays, cosmic rays, all forms of light are rays, even gravity is a cosmic energy!  And...God's Love is also an energy.  Interestingly, the Mayan cosmology relates the energies coming from the Central Sun - the core of the Milky Way Galaxy - as waves of energy that will transform us as a physical species, along with the whole planet Earth!  Awesome! 

Hopefully, I've given you enough to think about so in case you ever meet Dan Brown, you will have some interesting facts to share with each other.  Pleasent dreams!


During the recent Holi-Daze I had the opportunity to sit down with my family at home and watch a DVD of "The Fantastic Four."  Although it has had some less than flattering reviews, I enjoyed it.  I was especially enthralled by the opening scenes dealing with an incoming wave of unknown cosmic energies that could potentially change one's molecular make-up.  This may seem like the stuff of comic books, but remember, Hollywood movies like this are either consciously or unconsciously implanting ideas into the Mass Consciousness of the Earth's peoples.  Granted, the transformations from seemingly ordinary people into super heroes is dramatic and extreme, but each of us needs to realize how stellar, galactic, and Solar energies are impacting us daily without our awareness.  Minute but definite changes are occurring within our molecular DNA structures even as you sit there reading this!  In fact, before the Holi-Daze, I was reading a NASA web article ( , authored by P. Barry and T. Phillips, dtd 26 Oct 05) similarily describing how cosmic radiation is effecting - and damaging! - the DNA of the space station astronauts.  Kinda makes you wonder if NASA might not be conducting some "weird science" experiments of their own!  To quote the authors: " survive a solar radiation storm, your first priority must be to protect your bone marrow."  That is where your body manufactures new blood cells with the mutated DNAs!  Remember: as spiritual beings we all have powers which we have yet to realize!   

"WATER, WATER EVERYWHERE..."  (S.T.Coleridge's, "Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner")

The last time that Saturn transited a water sign - Pisces in '93-'94 - there was severe flooding along the Mississippi River.  NASA photos captioned the damage as "an inland sea". 

Now once again Saturn is transitting a water sign - Cancer - and the same area - the nation's "heartland" - is being soaked and flooded.  Coincidence? No!  Synchronicity? YES!  From a mundane level, the term "flooded" seems threatening and fearful; but from a spiritual perspective, we could say that this area is being "cleansed, renewed, and purified".  Such is the power of Saturn: if we look at the event only with our physical eyes then we miss the deeper spiritual message. 

This is the kind of practical advice and wisdom that ancient peoples would have expected and looked for from their astrologers.  Unlike the glib and vague astro forecasts relegated to the funny pages of the newspaper, astrology used to be considered as a sacred art.  If the Nile, Euphrates, Hindus, or Ganges were to flood and destroy a seasonal crop, that would have spelled disaster for an older civilization.  Nowadays, with our global marketing (brought to you by the G8 nations!), the seasonal destruction of a particular crop would be a temporary inconvenience resulting in  higher prices. 

Not only does Saturn influence weather and water levels, but prevailing social acceptance of certain colors in fashion.  The traditional color of Cancer currently showing up everywhere - pink - is considered as a nurturing, caring, feminine/yin color.  Even men's casual sports fashions are appearing with pink in shirts, hats, and shoes! 

An important health dimension surfacing with Saturn in Cancer is the purity of the water, liquids, and foods that we consume.  Over the past few months the harmful effects of popular soft drinks has come under more health scrutiny.  And with Cancer representing more of a "rounder figure", notice the Atkin's diet and social attempts to "control" (Saturn) our personal weights.  A very beneficial consequence of all this is that people in general are becoming more conscious of the purity and quality of what is ingested.  (Cancer also rules the stomach, hence, our current national "obsession" - Saturn - with obesity.) 

If you've personally noticed and responded to a need to change your drinking and/or eating habits, then you can proudly consider yourself to be a "planetary sensitive" person!  Another bit of astrological advice, if you want to be successful at starting a new diet or health routine, then utilize the inaugurating impetus from a New Moon!  Cancer rules the Moon; the next New Moon is June 17, or again on July 17, 2004.  These are also good for releasing yourself from old habits.  God bless you, and good luck!


If there was sentient life on Mars, by now they might start to think that a full-scale invasion from Earth has begun.  First, the British attempted a Christmas Day landing that has apparently failed.  Notice that the British named their surface-exploring craft "Beagle II", after Charles Darwin's sail-powered exploratory ship.  It was Darwin who initiated a whole new theory of natural evolution, and symbolically, this is important to keep in mind in regards to this event. 

     Next, the USA successfully landed a surface roving vehicle named "Spirit".  Despite the initial wonderment, awe, and media hoopla, "Spirit" did lapse into a period of noncommunication.  The first indication that something may be wrong with "Spirit" occurred Jan 22, 2004, but according to media updates, within 24 Earth-hours, scientists were able to transmit messages once more with "Spirit".  [By itself, this is an excellent example of the symbolic importance of names assigned to missions/vehicles.  Have you ever tried to communicate with a spirit?  It all requires a different level of awareness!]

     I was not aware of this at first, but apparently NASA has a second rover sceduled to land on the opposite side of Mars.  Apparently there is a high concentration of the mineral hematite in that area, which requires large amounts of water for its composition. 

     Although it requires months - if not years - of preparation for NASA to land a Martian mission, notice the "timing" of this event.  All three landings will occur while Mars is in its home sign of Aries!  Coincidence? or synchronicity!  Any planet moving through Aries is beginning a new cycle of awareness.  Aries is the embodiment of personal expression and recognition of one's self.  Within a birthchart, it indicates where you are in control of your own destiny in life.  It's almost as if Mars is screaming out, "Hey, Earthlings!  Look at me!"  The same is going on within the house area of your birthchart where Aries is located.  It is important to attend and recognize the energies within your personal life that are clamoring for attention. 

     According to other authors (e.g., Whitley Strieber) the recent proximity of Mars to Earth (while in the sign of Pisces - "universal consciousness - for 5 months) also corresponds to a rise in UFO sightings!  Although these UFO sightings have been ignored by the media, there have been some extremely interesting events of late.  (For more info on this subject go to  Although AstroChakras is not set up for archiving older entries, I had asserted when I first began this website in June 2003 that with Uranus moving into the sign of Pisces until 2010, that the potential for public acceptance and recognition of alien visitors as being real would be validated during this time-period.  

     And, as if that is not enough, there is more to this puzzle!  Enter...President George W. Bush.  When Bush was born the planet Mars was conjunct his Sun in the sign of Cancer.  This is why so many astrologers and esotericists were alarmed in 2000 when Bush was elected.  The "red" flag was up that a "war-president" was about to enter into office.  Suffice it to say, that anybody capable of "reading the signs" knew that we would be a nation at war under a Bush presidency.  Although these Martian landings were planned well before Bush became president, notice how Bush - the Martian president - is now strongly advocating for more government funding and exploration of space in general.  There is a lot more to this Martian puzzle that will undoubtedly appear as events unfold. 

     In a previous AstroChakras entry dealing with the incredible influx of gamma rays upon the Earth from recent solar activity, I had mentioned that gamma radiation (and other forms of radiation as well) were capable of modifying the DNA structure of our bodies.  In an interesting side-light to this Martian exploration that is being overlooked, it was admitted in the public media that space travel is still not feasible because we do not have the technology in place to protect travelers from radiation!   After the initial, "Duh! Then why are going to spend billions on space flights!", we need to pause and ask, "Then what is protecting us here on Earth from radiation?"  Ah, a very good question!  Answer: the Earth's magnetic field.

     Recently, there was a NASA internet bulletin pointing out how holes had appeared in the Earth's magnetic field.  This was temporary cause for great alarm within the scientific community.  Think about it - if the Earth's magnetic field temporarily collapsed (like it would during a reversal of the Earth's poles/magnetic field) all living things upon this planet would be unprotected from intense doses of radiation that can permanently alter life as we know it!  We know from geological records that the Earth does flip its polarity, and if you study the fossil records, these events also correspond (roughly) to the great transformations and tranmutations of living species upon Earth. 

Have You Noticed...?
By checking the earthquake and volcano notices on USGS.Com, you may be observing that we have had a rash of earthquakes in not so common places, like New Jersey, for instance, had a rare 3.8 magnitude quake! In astrology, alignments of planets, like Jupiter and Uranus, at exact opposition on 29 August '03, have a higher than average correspondence to quake activity. Even if there is not a recorded earthquake, I find that these planetary events coincide with inner awareness "birth-quakes" that tend to shake up our beliefs about reality. I've noted within the Links Page (see solar eruptions have a very high rate of correspondence to earthquake activity.

Another interesting factoid is that UFO observations increase right before an earthquake. Back in the Nineties, "Discover" magazine had published a map of the USA correlating UFOs with earthquakes in a news item. However, most scientists dismiss such "nonsense" as "swamp gas".

And just in case you're not into narrow scientific research, the classic channeled book, Urantia, claims that the Earth is just one of 5,342,482,337,666 inhabited planets!   That's right!  Over 5 trillion inhabited planets!  It goes on to state that "only a tiny fraction of the universe is now inhabited.  As you achieve increasing degrees of perfection in various worlds, you will arrive at Paradise.  And once you've come to know God, guess who is going to help develop all the real estate he keeps creating?  That's right - welcome to your eternal future."  (Quoted from, "The Fifth Revelation: A collection of key passages from The Urantia Book," compiled by Kelly Elstrott.)   

WARNING:  The information contained in this website may cause you to challenge our old patterns of thought and belief structures.  AstroChakras is not legally responsible for sudden episodes of enlightenment that cause you to discard obsolete and unproductive paradigms of what constitutes reality!

Please forward all examples of self-transcendence to the guest's log page.  *(Undisclosed shadow-government sources have labeled this syndrome as "Galactivation".)


During February 2001 it was duly noted that our Sun had reversed magnetic poles, a rather frequent occurence that unexplicably coincides with sun-spot cycles. However, the Sun, like an unruly child, is acting anything but normal.  For more on this subject consult NASA, National Geographic, or the web-sites.  Last October 2003, for instance, the Sun was observed to have erupted with the largest solar flare of gamma radiation ever seen or recorded.  This event was one of many that occurred before the stargate eclipses of November 2003.  Luckily for us here on Earth, we have a maverick NASA scientist like Richard Hoaglund who is stating that "the physics of our Solar System are changing." 

All of the ancient cultures proclaimed "as above - so below", so if the physical mechanisms as we formerly understood them "out there" are changing, then we would be wise to anticipate and prepare for changes here on Earth - and indeed they are!  The other day while preparing for work, I was browsing through the Sep '04 National Geographic magazine.  The cover article is entitled, "Global Warming: Bulletins from a Warmer World," and an inside headline screams "Things that normally happen in geologic time are happening during the span of a human lifetime."  Hopefully, that phrase "during the span of human lifetime" are echoing through your mind.  So far this year we've witnessed Florida being ravaged by four hurricanes - and we're not even half-way through the alphabet of names (28 Sep)!

Weird weather is being dismissed by "the authorities" as not bad enough.  Yeah, we've had worse...but as individualized instances, and not as what appears to be a more generalized trend in climatic shift.  It reminds me of the birth of my oldest son.  After several hours of relatively quiet contractions the attending doctor announced "she's not in enough pain yet."  For two parents not sure what to expect, that was a dire pronouncement: "...not in enough pain...yet!"

Just as the weather and social conditions around us are changing rapidly, we should also be intuiting the need to change ourselves internally...and very rapidly! "During the course of our lifetimes..."  Perhaps you've adopted a new diet or health regimen in response to the barrage of current information that is available.  But it goes deeper than that.  Are you changing or sensing the shift to evolve and transform emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, also? 

When changing it may seem like you are "going crazy."  Why is this happening to me?  Why is no one else changing?  They are!  But the script they are dealing with is different from yours!  Actually, the thought that you are going crazy is a good sign.  It indicates that your spirit is ousting your ego from its former pedestal of personal tyranny.  Perhaps you are beginning to question and challenge all of the ingrained conditioning of your past teachers: parental, educational, social, and religious teachings.  The periods of stress, tension, challenge, breakdown and significant change may be most noticeable when cyclical planetary transits are occurring.  For instance, in Sep-Oct '04, Jupiter was square to Pluto.  This would throw some much needed heat into the presidential debates about collective goals, personal philosophies, and religion - and so it did.  Self-righteous arrogance and accusations  were distracting the American public from grasping the larger picture.  This aspect will act like lighter fluid on a bonfire for those people born during the Uranus conjunct Pluto energy of 1972. 

An interesting correlation to this Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1972 is the social prevalence of the color pink in current (2004) fashions.  Many of the people born in '72 adopted the "no-fashion" statement.  Everything they wore was black.  This affective, boring social approach that they engendered made older generations wonder why they were so disenfranchised with our culture.  It was also during this time that the terms "ADD" and "ADHD" were coming into social consciousness. 

When I first made the statement about Saturn in Cancer focusing our attention on the color pink, I did not think too much about it.  Well, the other day I saw a young woman wearing a pink t-shirt that said, "Pink - the new black!"  The image of a piece of metal being forged came to mind.  As the metal is heated (changing its vibrational qualities) it begins to glow pink.  Intuitively, this idea was conveying to me that like the Sun "dawning", these people are starting to "awaken".  Not everyone will notice this activation at first.  Within every generation there are those individuals with open 5th Chakras that become the mouthpieces for their generational beliefs. 

Confirmation and validation of my "oblique" claims are likely to be more visible in 2005-2006 when transiting Saturn will be in Leo, forming a trine to Pluto in Sagittarius.  Both signs represent "fire", and the presence of a "hotter fire" will surely be more visibly activating people's conscious awareness.